DYMCO has a high technology and a long experience for the stainless steel belt and the precision transmission system. These DYMCO’s technology and experience are utilized fully for various transporting and production equipments at the electronic, fine mechanic industries and also for pharmaceutical and food industries.

Features of the DYMCO steel belt production process

1. We start our production of steel belts by selecting from belt materials that have high tensile strength and great form stability to stay flat. As a specialist, we will recommend the most suitable material for your application.

2. Our processing technology is based on a precision slitting and cutting process that consistently produces the minimum change in width, induces the least tendency to camber, and makes the fewest burrs.

3. The method for making endless belts is a precision welding technique on the adjacent and faces while having a superb understanding of the material characteristic. Since changes in thickness and deformation are kept minimum, the welded joint area remains flat and strong. This welding method makes it possible to weld all types of belt materials from super thin to very thick.

4. Our post-welding heat treatment and rolled processing technique also increase belt strength and improve form stability.

5. Referring to our customer’s plans, and based on our rich experience and advanced technology, we will guide each customer in the selection of the most suitable belt material and production methods for the specific conditions.


DYMCO Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor RSC Series

DYMCO Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor RSC Series are suitable for the applications like the electronic parts assembling, fine mechanical parts assembling, where the high level of cleanness is required, for example, for clean room.

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