DENSO is also the world’s largest user of small assembly robots, from four-axis SCARA robots to five- and six-axis articulated robots. More than 16,000 DENSO small industrial robots are employed in the company’s own manufacturing facilities, and more than 60,000 additional DENSO small industrial robots are used by other companies worldwide.

1. Comprehensive Lineup of Vertical Articulated Robots
– Reach of 850mm – up 30% on exisiting 650 mm models.

2. More Speed (Top performance in this class)
– 1.5 times faster than our conventional models

3. Greater Power
– 2.5 times the applicable moment of inertia on wrist (against conventional models)

4. Heavy Duty, Downsized Body
– Arm width trimmed to 110mm, minimizing interference with surrounding equipment.
– IP65-compliant wrist and Cleanliness Class 10.

5. Extended Motion Range
– Overhead-mount robot work area increased through greatly extended motion range of 2nd and 3rd arms.

6. Enhanced Robot Controller
– Robot joints plus newly supported extended-joints (max. 2).

7. Improved Man-Machine Interface
– Newly developed mini-pendant.
– Conventional teach pendant added with easily customizable operation screens

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