Dry Ice Cleaner

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On-Demand Handy Dry Ice Cleaner

On-Demand Handy Dry Ice Cleaner
1. Dry Ice Cleaning
2. Handy & Easy Cleaning
3. Light Weight
– ICE Sonic SMART : 25kg
– Mighty E : 48kg
4. Environmental Friendly




The SMART dry ice blaster will surprise you with its cleaning power. It’s ideal for everyone since it can run on average shop air.

Size : 870 x 360 x 300 mm
Weight (Machine) : 25 kg
Weight (Hose, Gun, Nozzle) : 2.3 kg





Might E is an Award Winning Dry Ice Blasting Unit by Miwa Techno.
Mighty E is extremely light weight, compact and provides high performance cleaning.
This machine is one of the most cost effective and proffered dry ice cleaning machine on the market.
Weighing in at only 48kg, the Mighty E provides you with outstanding portability and maneuverability in all forms of terrain.


Specially for Test Automotive Parts Cleaning



Dryice Low Pressure Cleaning System

What is LOW-PRESSURE Dry Ice Blast !

LOW-PRESSURE BLAST is our original method of cleaning system by Dry Ice without air compressor.
No Damage on the surface of objects and low noise level can achieve, moreover it can be used anywhere (In-door, out-door) Safety feature :
– No High Pressure
– No Pressure air vessel

Dryice Cleaning Process

Dry ice is mixed in the style of High-Speed Air and it projects on the washing objects, and removes affixes, such as dirt, rust.



No Air Compressor required

(1) Energy Saving / Low Noise
As the source of air is a blower, the noise level fell markedly.
(2) Small / Light Weight and Compact Design
Separation of Blast Machine and Air Source
(3) No Damage on the Objects
As polish power is small, the object is not worn

NOTES : Power Supply : 100V / 200V

(1) No required to remove the polishing materials
After cleaning, it sublimates and dust does not remain, disposal can be reduced.
(2) Ideal for electrical equipment will not wet surface
(3) No drying process required
(4) Economical and Friendly for Environment
Liquefaction carbon dioxide which is materials of dry ice carries out recovery refining of the carbon dioxide discharged, Contributes to effective use of resources by using emission gas, and can be said to be an environment-friendly cleaning (BLAST) machine.

Washing Objects


Air Pressure 0.3~0.5kg/cm2
Air Flow Appx. 400L/min
Power Supply 100V/200V・0.75kW
Hopper Capacity Appx. 3L
Pellet Feed 0.3~0.5kg/min
Noise Level 75~85dB
Accessories Blast Hose : 6m × 1
Blast Gun × 1
Standard Nozzle(φ8) × 1
Machine Size W320 × D520 × H520
Machine Weight Appx. 70kg



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